On 29 October, at the 49th SIMFER National Congress, our ExoBand® was awarded Best Medical Device of the 2021 edition of the Prix Galien Italia, the international award dedicated to innovation in the field of drugs, medical devices and digital medicine and therapeutics.

Award winners and special mentions include vaccines against Ebola, gene and home therapies against SMA, agnostic therapies for lung cancer.

We are extremely proud of this achievement. ExoBand® is the result of 12 prototypes and several scientific researches. One of our studies, published last year, showed that by using the ExoBand®, even with a small amount of time (10 sessions of 10 minutes each), people increase their walking ability by 15/20%.

We just have to keep improving it and make it available to anyone who needs it!

Here, at minute 02:05:00, you can watch the award ceremony: https://youtu.be/HtZd4Pc8VtU

To know more about ExoBand: https://www.moveowalks.com/en/exoband-3/

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