How does ExoAnkle work?

ExoAnkle is a passive and dynamic device designed to improve the quality of walking in individuals with a drop foot.

Simple and easily wearable device

How does it work?

Thanks to its elastic force, ExoAnkle helps improve dorsiflexion.

These characteristics make it unique for being lightweight, weighing only 73g, easy to wear, comfortable, and versatile.

ExoAnkle consists of an ankle brace and a shoe attachment system.

The two elements are connected through a magnetic roller buckle that, when turned, tightens an elastic cord, allowing dorsiflexion of the foot in patients with drop foot.

The advantages of ExoAnkle

ExoAnkle allows the wearer to walk qualitatively better.

This translates to comfort, ease of use, modularity, and lightness.

ExoAnkle can be worn with any type of footwear thanks to the shoe attachment system.

The device is one-size-fits-all for the ankle brace, thanks to the elasticized Velcro closure system, which allows adjusting the ankle brace according to the ankle size.

ExoAnkle can be worn on both ankles, either right or left, using the one-size-fits-all option.

The shoe attachment comes in two sizes: S and L, covering all shoe sizes.

Experience and innovation

ExoAnkle stems from Moveo’s experience in the world of passive orthoses, allowing us to design and develop this device through years of research and development in biomechanics.

Our approach aims for constant improvement and is based on a rigorous logic grounded in evidence. These are the principles that constitute the pillars of our work.

How to measure for ExoAnkle

Very simple! Just let us know your shoe size.

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