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ExoBand. The first device from Moveo.

Walk better. Walk longer.

ExoBand helps people with impaired motor skills walk more efficiently and over longer distances.

ExoBand is a walking brace consisting of a belt and two leg loops. These three independent elements are connected to each other by a mechanism that stores the energy generated in the first phase of the gait cycle to return it in the second phase, thus enhancing the thrust of the hip flexors and consequently leading to a functional improvement in walking.

Overseas roots, Italian legs

Moveo’s story begins overseas, between Australia, Canada and the United States. The idea at the base of ExoBand was first formulated at Harvard but it was developed in Italy by an all-Italian team.

We work every day to create devices that actually improve the user’s safety, autonomy and independence.

We work to develop devices that enable people to walk more confidently, faster, and comfortably.


Solid scientific basis

ExoBand is the result of more than 10 years of research and development in biomechanics and robotics by Fausto Panizzolo, Ph.D.

A data-driven approach, continuous improvement, and stringent evidence-based logic are the pillars of our work.

The opinion of clinicians

User testimonials


On 29 October, at the 49th SIMFER National Congress, our ExoBand® was awarded Best Medical Device of the 2021 edition of the Prix Galien Italia, the international award dedicated to


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